Set up by Citeo & REVIPAC in 2007, the CEREC helps brand owners, distributors and packaging manufacturers contribute to improving the paper-cardboard packaging stream in France

CITEO is a mission-led business set up in 1992 by companies in the fast-moving consumer goods and retail sectors to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging and paper waste by proposing solutions for waste reduction, reuse, sorting and recycling.

To tackle the environmental crisis and speed up the changes that are vitally needed, Citeo seeks to encourage and support economic stakeholders in developing production, retail and consumer practices that protect our planet, its resources, biodiversity and the climate.

In France, 70% of household packaging and 57.5% of paper are currently recycled thanks to the efforts of people in France to sort their waste, now the most popular environmental “good deed”. The target in 2022 is to recycle 75% of household packaging.

The founders of REVIPACACN (French Beverage Carton Alliance), CAP (French Federation of Cardboard and Stationary Industries), COF (French Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers), COPACEL (French Union of Cardboard, Paper and Cellulose Industries) and ELIPSO (French Trade Association for Flexible Plastic Packaging Manufacturers) – have all committed themselves to taking back their sorted packaging from household waste collected kerbside by local authorities having signed a contract with an approved body (Citeo or Adelphe), to recycle it according to pre-agreed technical and financial conditions.

REVIPAC provides information on the conditions for recovering and recycling such packaging and is developing the resources required to improve take-back. The paper and cardboard packaging sector brings together the various stakeholders from the following stages:
• paper and cardboard manufacturing,

• transformation of paper and cardboard into all kinds of packaging (folding boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc.),

• recycling of recovered paper and cardboard packaging.

Confidentiality of requests and free access to information

To guarantee the confidentiality of requests for a packaging recyclability notice and enable designers to test the recyclability of their packaging before placing it on the market, CEREC is governed by a charter signed by its members.

The technical details received and any additional laboratory test results will only be disclosed to CEREC members. To help manufacturers as much as possible from the design stage onwards and enable them to anticipate the end-of-life of the packaging they produce, all the knowledge generated by CEREC is published in the notices section.

To apply for a specific assessment, a complete application file needs to be sent to CEREC.