Applying for a notice

What do you need to do to obtain a notice issued by CEREC on the recyclability of your packaging?

A technical notice is issued for a paper/cardboard household packaging item or a main packaging element made of paper/cardboard, once CEREC experts have studied your application. Advice on how to improve the recyclability of the packaging submitted for assessment is also given if necessary.

The technical notice enables the applicant to:

  • obtain a document establishing the recyclability of their packaging, issued by a committee of experts,
  • build a case to show that their packaging meets essential requirements.

Applications will only be accepted if complete:

Once the application file is complete, CEREC will contact you to confirm that your file has been accepted, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Assessment, and inform you of whether it will undergo a simplified or comprehensive technical assessment.

To help packaging manufacturers, brand owners and distributors who are designing new household packaging anticipate and identify the impacts of their packaging on recycling, the notices issued by CEREC will be published on this website (in the Notices section).

If the packaging described in the notice has not yet been placed on the French market, the notice will be published automatically six months after the packaging is placed on the market, unless otherwise specified by the applicant.

Simplified Procedure

This refers to the procedure established to deal with a packaging issue that is known or has already been analysed, with a corresponding notice published by CEREC. In that case, CEREC will not conduct any specific test on the packaging. The notice will be approved by all the experts on the CEREC committee based on the information provided and the samples submitted.

Comprehensive Procedure

In contrast to the simplified procedure above, this term refers to the procedure implemented when there is a specific packaging issue that cannot be assessed using the information available and/or already submitted to CEREC. In that case, CEREC will carry out a test based on a protocol established to ensure experts have all the elements required to reach a conclusion about the recyclability of the packaging element submitted.